About Me

My full name is Martin James Timm.  But, I prefer to be called Marty.

I'm a lifelong resident of
Lockport, Illinois.  A small but growing town in the
southwest suburbs of Chicago.

The family on my father's side have been in the Lockport area for over a
century.  My mother's side is from nearby
Joliet,  This area is a good place to
call home.

My education has always been an important part of my life.  I am currently
working on a
masters degree and may go on for a doctorate.  Whatever
happens, I will keep on learning.  There is always something worth knowing.

Why "Green Is For Go"?

Its about an approach to life -- green, fresh, natural, attuned, preparedness.  
For me it remains more of a journey than an attainment.

More to the point though...if you've ever been driving and found yourself stuck
behind a string of other cars waiting for the stop light to change, you may
have felt that exasperation when the light turns green but the people ahead of
you just sit there.  What are people waiting for?  More importantly, where is
their attention?  

Impatience can sometimes be a virtue.  But being ready to move when you
are supposed to -- that is the truly worthwhile quality .  Watching for the signal.
Knowing what that signal means.  And being focused on what you are about
to do.  Then doing it.  If you can get there then the distance between impulse
and impact is wonderfully short!

About Me