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School -- Fall 2004:  E-Commerce

Here are links to my assignment deliverables:

18 October 2004: Mondex Case Study Write-up (Word) (HTML)

22 November 2004: Class Project - Perry Consulting website.   

 Project Contact:       Chris Perry
                                 Perry Consulting
                                 1051 E. Main St., Suite 211
                                 East Dundee, IL 60118
                                 (847) 426-2772

6 December 2004: Journal Article Reviews

Topic: Business Plans for Web-based Businesses
Review 1      Article (HTML)       Review (Word) (HTML)
Review 2      Article (HTML)       Review (Word) (HTML)
Review 3      Article (PDF)          Review (Word) (HTML)
Work -- What Do I Do?

I've never liked to define myself based on what I do for a living.  That doesn't
mean I'm not career-oriented.  I just think there's more to life than work.  
Much more.  Pay the bills but don't let the workplace dominate your life.